Non-Confrontational 5 & 7 Day Survivor Guide
for Dead Rising

As the title suggests, this is my Guide for getting the 5 and 7 Day Survivor
achievements in Dead Rising without having to face Psychos and Survivors.

This Guide has been fully tested, unlike the previous version of this Guide
which was based entirely on theoretical hypotheses derived from the Big List
Of Stuff. Following this Guide to the letter will guarantee you get both 5
and 7-Day Survivor achievements.

First, I'd like to extend my deepest appreciation to everyone on the XBox.com
Dead Rising forum who contributed to the Big List of Stuff for Dead Rising:

Thanks to Limetime9 for posting the original Survivor/Psycho list.

Thanks to Limetime9, Rockland Reject, Nemesis679, xLBx ReBoRn,
NicholiGinavaef and everyone else who contributed to completing this list.

This Guide has several requirements:
  • You MUST be Level 50. You will need all 12 Item slots and all 12 Life blocks,
    as well as the Zombie Walk Skill.

  • You MUST have Zombie Genocider. You will need the Real MegaBuster.

  • You need the Food Map

  • NOTE: The Time that is displayed when you change areas is
    only the amount of time you have survived (completed), not the Day you are on.
    When the game shows "1 Day xx Hours xx Minutes", you are on Day 2, so Carlito
    appears in Food Court at 0 Days 0 Hours xx Minutes (Day 1), and in Entrance
    Plaza at 1 Day xx Hours xx Minutes (Day 2).

    An important thing to note right away is that when you go to a new area, whether or not
    it has a time display, you have a few seconds where you're Untouchable (can't be grabbed by zombies)
    just as if you had drank the Untouchable juice. You can still be swatted by zombies, as well as shot
    or otherwise injured by human enemies, but you can't be grabbed.
    This is a very handy thing to know.

    Day 1

    Start by getting the Real Megabuster (MB) you unlocked when you did
    Zombie Genocider, then head for Entrance Plaza for the Health2 book (H2).

    Ignore Paul and go back to the Rooftop through the Security Room.

    Grab the 2 Cabbages and go into the Warehouse for the 2 Squash, then get
    Susan's Cookies.

    Next head into Entrance Plaza and take the restroom shortcut to Wonderland
    Plaza for the Health1 book (H1).

    Finally, cross the bridge towards The Lens Zen and take the back passage up
    to North Plaza and get the Survival book (Survival) from the empty store
    next to Crislip's Home Saloon.

    Your Inventory now looks like this:
    1. mb
    2. h2
    3. cabbage1
    4. cabbage2
    5. squash1
    6. squash2
    7. susan cookies
    8. h1
    9. survival
    10. empty
    11. empty
    12. empty

    Eat Susan's Cookies in the Survival Book room at 1:00AM, then go to Crislip's
    for the Japanese Radish and the Orange behind the counter.

    Go back to North Plaza and camp on the scaffolding across from the empty store
    next to Pearly White's Photos. Eat the 2 Cabbage and the 2 Squash at 5:00AM to
    free up at least 2 slots for the 2 Wine in the store. You may also be able to get
    a Queen here, which will come in handy.

    Once you've got the 2 Wine from the empty store, head up towards Seon's Food &
    Stuff for the Coffee Creamer and Melon in the empty store across from the
    Restrooms, and the Milk in CD Crazy.

    If you managed to catch a Queen, climb up on the single scaffolding on the left
    side of the hallway and let the Zombies gather under it, then throw the Queen
    into the crowd that is further out. These are the problem, not the ones under

    Hop down and run to the empty store with the Creamer and Melon, then blast
    anything that comes through the door.
    Hide behind the trash bin in the corner so the zombies outside can't see you, then
    start a Zombie Walk and head across the hall for CD Crazy.
    Pick up the Milk, hide in the back of the store, and start another Zombie Walk.

    The Zombie Walk is a very under rated skill. Many people don't like it because
    it is so slow, but you will be getting a lot of mileage out of it.

    TIP: The Zombie Walk has 3 different "styles". The fastest one is where Frank
    draws one arm up to his side and tilts his head onto his shoulder. You can
    cycle through the styles by having Frank stand still for a minute while
    holding the (X) button, then moving the Left stick to see which style of Walk
    he goes into.

    Make your way to the Beautification kiosk (the one with the Grapefruit on top)
    and drop all your food here.

    Gather the food in Wonderland Plaza and bring it back to the roof of the kiosk.

    Start with the 2 Apples in the jewelry store right across from the kiosk.
    Grab some Gems to use as weapons and conserve MegaBuster ammo, and make your way
    upstairs to get the Apple from The Lens Zen and the Snack and Yogurt
    from the Lovely Fashion House - the store where Jo was in the Above The Law
    Scoop, then make your way back to the roof of Beautification.

    Once you're there, eat the Snack at 6AM, the Yogurt at 8AM, the Orange at 10AM,
    the Melon at 12PM, and an Apple at 2PM, the Japanese Radish at 3PM, then take the
    Grapefruit and pick up all the food.

    Inventory check:
    1. MB
    2. H1
    3. H2
    4. Survival
    5. Milk
    6. Coffee Creamer
    7. Wine
    8. Wine
    9. Grapefruit
    10. Apple
    11. Apple
    12. empty

    Go through the restroom shortcut to Paradise Plaza and get a new MegaBuster from
    the Security Room, then return to Wonderland Plaza via the restroom shortcut.

    Eat another Apple at 5PM, then look for a Zombie with a Queen, because you're
    going into the Maintenance Tunnels for the Milk under Wonderland Plaza.
    You have to do this before 7PM, because Carlito is still in Food Court -
    your next destination - and Adam will appear in Wonderland if you leave and
    return after 7PM.

    When you go through the door, there are Zombies down at the far end. Throw the
    Queen, then run for the elevator and ride it down. This clears the Zombies from
    the immediate area, allowing you to retrieve the Milk by the Bomb Truck with

    Now take the elevator up to return to Wonderland Plaza, eat the last Apple at 7PM,
    and the grapefruit at 9PM.

    Now all you have left are 4-hour items, so you're going to camp in Wonderland
    Plaza for a while.

    I'd suggest camping out in Sir Book-A-Lot. You can stand on top of the
    bookshelves and watch the clock behind the counter.

    Carlito leaves Food Court at Midnight on Day 2, and Rich appears in Food Court
    at 7AM, so drink the Milk at 12:30AM. You actually have excess food having taken
    Susan's Cookies, so eating now will actually give you a 30 minute buffer in
    the event you are grabbed or take any other minor damage.

    Remember, there's 7 Days 7 Hours of Mall Food, and all you need is 7 Days' worth,
    so anything extra is...well....extra.

    Day 2
    You drank the Milk at 12:30am, so head for Food Court.

    Food Court has 11 items:
  • 4 Wine
  • 1 Milk
  • 1 Yogurt
  • 1 Baguette
  • 2 Corn
  • 2 Zucchini

  • Drop everything except the MegaBuster on the balcony where you fought Carlito in
    the Backup For Brad mission, then gather all the food and return to the balcony.

    Eat all the 1 and 2-hour items first
    Eat Corn1 at 1:30AM
    Eat Corn2 at 2:30am
    Eat the Baguette at 3:30am
    Eat Zuke1 at 4:30am
    Eat Zuke2 at 5:30am
    Eat the Yogurt at 7:30am
    Drink the Creamer at 11:30am

    Your inventory is now full and you could go to Al Fresca, except Isabela's there.

    Eat 3 items to pass the day, then go to AF on Day 3.

    Drink Wine1 at 3:30PM
    Drink Wine2 at 7:30pm
    Drink Wine3 at 11:30pm

    Wait until 1.5 Life blocks have ticked away, then go to Al Fresca Plaza at

    Day 3

    Al Fresca has 10 items:
  • 3 pie (Columbian Roastmasters)
  • 3 OJ (Hamburger Fiefdom)
  • 2 Milk (Columbian Roastmasters & Flexin')
  • 2 Cookies (McHandy's Hardware & Riverfield Jewelry)

  • As soon as the screen loads, run to McHandy's Hardware Store for the Cookies.
    Wait behind the counter and eat the Cookies at 12:30am, then Zombie Walk to
    Flexin for the Milk.

    The doors to Flexin will open for Frank at any time, even in Zombie Walk.

    You've still got 2 empty item slots, so Zombie Walk to the Maintenance Tunnel
    door between Flexin and the jewelry store. There's a Milk downstairs by the
    Bomb Truck.

    Take the elevator down to clear out the Zombies, grab the Milk, then return to
    Al Fresca via the elevator.

    Run next door to the jewelry store for the Cookies.
    Camp behind the counter and eat the Cookies at 1:30AM.

    You'll have to clear out the Zombies that gather in the store, and you might
    want to grab a Gems weapon from the display case to conserve MegaBuster ammo.

    When you've cleared out enough Zombies, Zombie Walk to the Fountain, which is
    surrounded by Zombies.

    Look for a clear spot where you can jump in to get the SMG without taking damage.

    Drop all your food in the Fountain (don't worry - Zombies cannot climb into the
    Fountain), then use the SMG to clear the crowd around the Fountain.

    Once that's done, gather all the food into the Fountain.

  • Eat pie1 2:30am
  • Eat pie2 3:30am
  • Eat pie3 4:30am
  • Drink Wine4 8:30am
  • Drink Wine5 12:30pm
  • Drink Wine6 4:30pm
  • Drink Milk 8:30pm

  • If you managed to get a Queen, save it to clear away the door to Entrance Plaza.

    Gil is in Entrance Plaza on Day 3 from 7AM-7PM. He's an easy target, but you can
    avoid him if you like. You won't have to get his attention to gather any of the
    food in Entrance Plaza.

    He's carrying a Wine, which can add 4 extra hours to your survival time, or
    simply provide a time bonus if you want it. If you took damage and are falling
    behind schedule, this Wine will bring you back up to speed.

    Sniper Carlito appears in Entrance Plaza at Midnight on Day 4, since you did not
    get him there on Day 2, so it's best to get to Entrance Plaza between 7PM and
    Midnight Day 3.

    So, when you drink the Milk at 8:30pm Day 3, you're going to Entrance Plaza.

    Entrance Plaza has 8 items - 5 on top, 3 on bottom:
  • 1 OJ (Emerald's Jewelry store)
  • 1 Snack (Women's Lib)
  • 1 OJ (Kicks For Her)
  • 1 OJ (ground floor same as in beginning)
  • 1 Grapefruit (Rafael's Shoes)
  • 1 Apple (In The Closet)
  • 1 Yogurt (In The Closet)
  • 1 Snack (Gramma's Kids)

  • You're going to get the food from the 1st floor first.

    Hang around on the billboard in front of Everyone Luvs Books until 9:30pm,
    then get the Snack from Gramma's Kids and eat it, then get the Grapefruit from
    Rafael's Shoes.

    Stand on the next billboard in front of Jason Wayne's Sporting Goods and eat the
    Grapefruit at 11:30PM, then get the OJ in the floor.

    Your inventory is full, so you can't Zombie Walk up the stairs. You can either
    stay on a billboard and drink the OJ at 3:30AM Day 4 or fight your way upstairs,
    which isn't too hard if you've got plenty of MegaBuster shots or are good with
    the Football Tackle move.

    The Sinister Read is a good place to camp. It has a clock and a high shelf that zombies cannot climb.

    Either way, you want to hang around until Day 4.

    Day 4

    Drink the OJ at 3:30AM, and you now have one empty inventory slot.

    Speaking of Inventory:
    1. MB
    2. H1
    3. H2
    4. Survival
    5. Milk
    6. Milk
    7. Milk
    8. Milk
    9. OJ
    10. OJ
    11. OJ
    12. empty

    The plan now is to circle around the top floor and get a new MegaBuster, so begin
    with a Zombie Walk down to Women's Lib for the Snack. Eat it at 4:30AM and
    Zombie Walk down to Kicks For Her for the OJ.

    Drink the OJ there at 8:30AM and Zombie Walk over to In The Closet for the
    Yogurt and Apple.

    Eat them at 10:30AM and 12:30AM respectively, then Zombie Walk to Emerald's
    Jewelry Store next to Robsaka Digital for the OJ.

    Either take the OJ and run-n-gun to the Security Room or wait and drink the OJ
    at 4:30PM.
    Either way, your next stop is a new MegaBuster and then Paradise Plaza, which
    you will get to through the Warehouse.

    Ross is in Paradise Plaza from 7AM to 7PM, so camp in the Warehouse and eat a
    Milk at 4:30PM and an OJ at 8:30PM (unless you ate at 4:30 in Entrance Plaza).

    You could hang out in the Security Room, excpet Kay will be in the Warehouse at
    7PM, and this is the Non-Confrontational Guide, remember?

    Still she's easy, so do whatever. Her Corn will give you a nice time boost, but
    then you shouldn't need it.

    Paradise Plaza will be empty for all of Day 5, so you can either go there at
    8:30PM when you eat or wait and eat again at 12:30AM.

    Assuming you went at 8:30PM and got Kay for a time boost....

    Paradise Plaza has 8 items:
  • 2 OJ 2 Pie (Columbian Roastmasters)
  • 1 OJ 2 Baguette (Jill's Sandwiches)
  • 1 OJ (Kid's Choice Clothing)

  • The safest place to camp in Paradise Plaza is the blue ledge over Kids Choice
    You'll have to blast your way up the stairs to get there, though.

    Drop all your food on the ledge and jump down to the stairs and collect the
    food from Coloumbian Roastmasters, then Jill's Sandwiches, then get the last
    item from Kid's Choice Clothing.

    Now you have to fight your way to the ledge again.

    If you can score a Queen, it'll be easier, but you just got a new MegaBuster,
    so put it to work.

    Eat Pie1 at 9:30PM, then Pie2 at 10:30PM.
    Eat the Baguette1 at 11:30PM, then the second Baguette at 12:30AM Day 5.

    Day 5

    Now you should have nothing left but 8 OJ and 2 Milk.

    You'll have to clear out some inventory before moving on to Movieland, so
    get comfortable on the ledge and eat the two Milk: one at 4:30AM and the other
    at 8:30AM.

    Now your inventory is 8 OJ, the 3 books, and the MegaBuster.

    Heather will be in Movieland from 7AM to 7PM, so you're going to stay in
    Paradise Plaza and eat 3 more items so she'll be gone when you get there.

    Drink 3 OJ:

    Now head for Movieland.

    Movieland has 8 items:
  • 3 Coffee Creamer (Theater 2, Theater 3, Concession Area)
  • 2 snack (Concession Area)
  • 1 pie (Theater 2)
  • 1 cabbage (Theater 5)
  • 1 Baguette (Theater 3)

  • Hop behind the Concession area counter and dispatch the zombies using the
    Soda Cans and whatever's in the boxes, then eat the Snack1 at 9:30PM, and
    Snack2 at 10:30PM.

    Day 6

    Congratulations! You made it to 5-Day Survivor!

    Unfortunately, the Real Laser Sword will not be added to the Security Room until
    you die and Save the game, so don't take off for it just yet.

    Eat the Coffee Creamer at 2:30AM, then Zombie Walk down to Theater #2 for a
    Creamer and a Pie.

    Remember to close the door behind you unless you want a room full of Zombies.

    Eat the Pie at 3:30AM, and the Creamer at 7:30AM, then Zombie Walk
    out to Theater #3 for another Creamer and a Baguette.

    Eat the Baguette at 8:30AM, and the Creamer at 12:30PM, then Zombie Walk
    over to Theater #5 for a Cabbage.

    Eat the Cabbage at 1:30PM and you're done with Movieland.

    Way back on Day 3, the Convicts took over Leisure Park. They'll be there
    until Day 8.

    It's 1:30PM on Day 6, and you're carrying 20 Hours of food. You can easily
    stay inside the Mall until 9:30AM Day 7, but you'll have to go to the Park

    Right now, however, you've got to clear out the Meat Processing Area (MPA)
    and the Maintenance Tunnel Key room (Key Room).

    Go get a new MegaBuster first. You'll need it.

    Leah is in the Key Room and Cheryl is in the MPA from Midnight to 7AM.

    Or rather, they WERE there. It's 1:30PM, so they're long gone.

    Head for Paradise Plaza and go through the M.T. door near the restrooms
    and take the elevator down.
    Get in the white car and go to the Key Room (the room where you got the
    Maintenance Tunnel Key from in 72Hr/OT mode), and get the Milk.

    Get back in the car and drive to the MPA and get the 2 Milk in there.

    Get in the Truck and drive out to the Park, where the Convicts are waiting.

    This is the only unavoidable confrontation. The Park is never empty until
    Day 8, and you are nowhere near it.

    If you need a new MegaBuster, use the Truck to clear the door to Paradise
    Plaza and get another one, then come back to the Park.

    With any luck, the Convicts will be stuck in a rut along the far wall
    near the Parking Area. If they are, your work will be relatively easy.
    Simply stand near the round flower bed area and blast them, but also watch for nearby Zombies!

    Aim for the gunner first, then the passenger and driver.

    Once they're dead, you can collect the food around the Park.

    Or you can take the Heavy Machine Gun off the jeep and have fun slaughtering
    Zombies one .50 cal slug at a time.

    Leisure Park has 7 items:
  • 3 cookies
  • 1 snack
  • 3 apples in trees

  • The apples in the trees may have fallen out by themselves. If so, you're lucky.
    If not, you've got some work ahead of you.

    Assuming they did not fall out, drop everything you can (books & food) on the
    roof of the picnic area near Paradise Plaza (or on the ground - Zombies won't
    eat it but they'll swarm around it).

    The Hedge Trimmers and Sickle work great at knocking down the Apples, but as
    with anything, aiming is crucial.

    Eat the Cookies1 at 2:30PM, Cookies2 at 3:30PM, and the third Cookies at
    Eat the Snack at 5:30PM, and the Apples at 7:30PM, 9:30PM, and 11:30PM.

    In about 30 minutes, it'll be Day 7, and all that's left now is the 5 OJ and
    3 Milk you're carrying, which is 32 hours or 1 Day 8 Hours of food.

    There's nothing else to collect.

    There are still a few people around the mall you can get if you want to try your luck - it's up to you.

    7 Day Survivor is just over the horizon, and if you stay on the roof of the
    picnic area, you'll slide right into it.

    Day 7

    Eat at 3:30AM, 7:30AM, 11:30AM, 3:30PM, 7:30PM, and 11:30PM.

    In 30 minutes, you'll glide right into Day 8 with 8 hours of food left over.


    Let Frank starve to death or try your luck running through the Mall for as
    long as you can, either way, you've reached your goal.

    When Frank dies, Save the game after all the Unlockables are displayed, then
    your brand new pair of underwear will be added to the Security Room the next
    time you start a game.